And then there were three

This weekend I was bound and determined to finish the third in what has become a series of bags, and while for some of the weekend it didn’t seem I would make my goal, before the sun set on this day, I had finished yet another practically perfect bag, and then there were three.

The first order of business was to complete the two-round granny squares I would need for the strap/edging. Making use of moderate temperature and good light, I made my all of my color decisions on the back deck of my home, trying one color and then another until I found a combination that pleased me.

Once I had finished crocheting the two-round squares, I then had to settle on an arrangement for them.

At this point it was time to set aside my hook, get out needle and thread, and sew the double lining I had prepared into the bag itself. When that was done, I pulled out my trusty bent-tipped Clover yarn needle and began the final task of joining the two-round granny squares, weaving in the ends, and then joining them to the top edge of the purse.

The day, which had seemed to stretch out before me, contracted with each stitch, but it turned out that there was just enough day for me to finish the project.

Here is one side of the newly completed, slightly smaller, practically perfect granny square bag:

granny square crochet bag
One side of the slightly smaller practically perfect granny square bag

and here is the other:

granny square crochet bag
The other side of the slightly smaller practically perfect granny square bag

And then (just to see how all of the bags looked together) I got this group photo:

three granny square crochet bags
And then there were three

The genesis for what has turned into a project that refuses to end was my desire to create a bag that embodies all that I find wonderful about crochet into a useful and aesthetically appealing tote, and I think that even the hard to please Goldilocks of fairy tale fame might agree that the practically perfect granny square bag is just right.

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