Because flamingos

This weekend I put all of my crochet energy into the flamingo-inspired practically perfect bag, and yesterday, just before sunset, I finished all of the squares I would need for the body of the bag.

Sort of.

When I took those same squares in the light of a new day, I noticed a few things I could not abide.

One problem was that two of the squares looked a bit too large.

I got out my tape measure and measured the offending squares multiple times in an effort to make them the right size.

When that failed, I decided I would frog them as much as was needed and rework them until the size was right, which I did.


But what had caught my eye and bothered me even more than two slightly too large squares was the fifth-round of a single square, the colors of which looked fine when the square was all on its own, but which did not play nicely with the other squares when photographed as a group.

So I frogged squares as needed, reworking where necessary, and then when I was done, I took all of the squares back outside and laid them out again.

This time, after moving them her and moving them there, I finally had an arrangement that worked for me:

crochet granny squares in a pallet inspired by flamingos
The crochet squares of my flamingo inspired bag ready to be assembled

With the placement of the squares decided, I got out my stash and began the task of joining the squares, and then, shortly before sunset, I had it almost all done:

crochet granny squares in a palette inspired by flamingos
The body of the bag, pieced and almost ready to be lined

and I even took a moment to see how the bag looked with the fabric that had inspired it:

crochet squares with fabric with flamingos that inspired the crochet purse
The body of the bag pictured with the fabrics that will line it

When I start a project, I often have an general idea how the project will look when finished, but I find that it is necessary to keep an open mind and a ready hook because while I have an overall sense of where I want to go, I never know the specific details of how I will get there.

3 thoughts on “Because flamingos

  1. It’s looking beautiful, as they all are! It’s comforting to know that other crocheters work, frog, and rework in order to get things as good as they can get!

  2. Looks fabulous!! Joined through the bl, right? I believe I asked you this before and that was your answer… Curious: what was the offending color that did not seem to want to play nice? And how do you think did two squares end up too large? Have you had this problem before?

  3. I truly appreciate a delightful turn of phrase, and this one was just that:

    …measured the offending squares multiple times in an effort to make them the right size.

    Thank you for sharing, both your crochet work and your wit.

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