A flamingo state of mind

In my ongoing battle with entropy, entropy has again won the day, but that did not stop my mind from drifting back to thoughts of all things flamingo.

Of all the things I could have done — organized my dining room/office, woven in ends of the the squares for the fourth in a series of practically perfect bags — I instead set my sights on what will be the fifth bag in the practically perfect series.

As my regular readers know, while shopping for fabric for the double lining of the fourth bag, I found not only what I was looking for, but fabric for the linings of a fifth bag as well, and today, I was unable to resist the clarion call of a new project.

Hook in hand and a vast array of yarns at my side, I looked to two of my cousins for inspiration.

One cousin has this sculpture on her front porch:

lighted flamingo yard sculpture

and the other has taken a striped, denim-like fabric and, — inspired by a trip to Florence she had taken — decorated it.

Here is one side of the fabric:

painted denim fabric
One side of the fabric

and here is the other:

painted denim fabric
The other side of the fabric

Using these points of inspiration as a guide, here is what I came up with while sitting on my back deck, enjoying my crochet en plein air:

crochet bag granny square
The first ten-round granny square for a flamingo inspired bag

and here it is with the fabrics that will line it:

flamingo fabric lining granny square crochet bag
The first flamingo square with the fabrics that will line it

Come August 1, I will have to set aside whatever is not done and begin work on my 2015 North Carolina State Fair project, but until then, I will do my best to more forward, one stitch at a time.


3 thoughts on “A flamingo state of mind

  1. Hello, newish blog lover and crocheter here. You are very inspiring! Your blog, among a few others, has inspired me to share my stitches that way too!
    This is my fave colorway for a practically perfect bag so far! I love the fabrics you’ve found too! Smallest stripes has taken after her Mama and likes the feathered flamino friends too!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

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