A good enough shelf liner

My youngest son who recently graduated from high school had a teacher who insisted that “good enough” wasn’t good enough, which my son argued, completely missed the point of the meaning of “good enough.”

To be honest, I understand his teacher’s perspective better than I do his, but the truth is, my son has a point, and my recent effort to make a new shelf liner that would not cause the glasses resting on it to be unstable is a case study in good enough.

One of my rules for what I have come to think of as my “good enough” shelf liner was that it would be made only from materials that I had on hand, and I started out with the best of intentions, a 4.5 mm hook, and a partial skein of Red Heart Super Saver’s Earth & Sky colorway.

Things were going along swimmingly until I ran out of the yarn. I had tried to avoid this by using some Red Heart Super Saver Aruba that I had on hand to create an accent in the very center of the shelf liner, but despite my efforts, I found myself still short of the amount of Earth & Sky needed to complete the shelf liner in all of it’s medium brown, turquoise and dark brown glory.

Normally, I would have frogged it and started over, but these are not normal times. As my start day for the 2015 North Carolina State Fair draws nearer, I have to work out the details of the project I want to enter, and finish whatever other projects absolutely, positively must be done before August 1.

Due to the fact that several glasses and jars had broken as a result of the unstable surface of the appliquéd shelf liner, the shelf liner project was on my absolutely, positively must get done list.

Recognizing that my time is not a renewable resource, I decided to finish off the shelf liner using some Red Heart Super Safer Latte that I had on hand. Here is how the almost finished piece looked before I weaved in the ends:

A c2c rectangle with ends to be woven in
A c2c rectangle with ends to be woven in

Once I got the ends woven in and checked the fit of the shelf liner on the shelf in question, it was clear my work wasn’t done. Using the Aruba of which I still have a lot, i got to work crocheting border: double crochet along the short edges and half double crochet along the long edges:

My good enough c2c shelf liner
My good enough c2c shelf liner

As it clear from the photo, the shelf liner is a touch ruffly, and it is by no means perfect, but when I took all of the glasses and jars off the shelf, laid out my new shelf liner, and then put all of the glasses and jars back, it turned out that my “good enough” shelf liner was more than good enough.

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