The continuing saga of entropy

In my ongoing battle with entropy, today entropy won.

I had decided that I absolutely, positively needed to get up as much of the dog hair floating around my house as was humanly possible. Armed with my vacuum cleaner and a bottle of spot cleaner and some old towels, I went out in search of dog hair and mysterious stains in the carpet.

I did not have to go far to find what I was looking for, and my bagless vacuum cleaner quickly filled up with dog hair, cat hair, and dust, necessitating several breaks to empty the canister before continuing on my quest to get up the pet hair.

And while it was nice to get the vacuuming done, it seemed to have sapped me of my crochet mojo, and it wasn’t until mid-afternoon that I got my mojo back and was able to get some small bit done.

That small bit which I got done was to track down the lining for my fourth bag to be.

I set out with the two ten-round squares to Wish Upon a Quilt, the nearest and (as luck would have it) incredibly well-stocked fabric store. While the store caters to quilters both here and online, they have also been incredibly friendly to me when I walk in to get fabric for my various bags, and today was no exception.

They asked me what number bag this was in the series (four), and oohed and ahhed over the first one that I made and now carry. While I was discussing bag number four, my eyes came across a fabric that I could not pass up and which is destined to be the inner lining of bag number five, and because I am so fond of the double lining, I quickly searched for a companion fabric to be the outer lining.

In short order this is what I selected for the as-yet-to-be-started practically perfect bag number five:

flamingo fabric
The outer and inner linings of a future bag

and this is what I chose for my more current effort, practically perfect bag number four:

fabric to line a crochet bag
The inner and outer linings for the fourth practically perfect crochet bag

Here is how the squares I have completed so far look with their future linings:

crochet squares and lining fabric
The fourth practically perfect crochet bag to-be and the linings

Today it seems that entropy won, but tomorrow is a new day, and I intend to face down entropy, hook in hand, moving forward one stitch at a time.

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  1. Funny thing….I used to crochet sweaters for a woman in New York that used yarn made of dog hair! Hmmm….

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