A practically perfect Thursday

Today I got to enjoy one of those lazy days of summer that harken back to my childhood when summers days were like time suspended in amber. It was a practically perfect Thursday.

I had my sights set on finishing the second ten-round square of the flamingo-inspired practically perfect bag, as well as finishing the last four five-round squares of the fourth practically perfect bag — oh, and I was going to weave in a lot of ends.

As it happened, I did accomplish one thing on the list; I finished the second ten-round square for the flamingo-inspired practically perfect bag:

crochet bag granny square
The second ten-round square for my fifth practically perfect bag-to-be

I also got done something that was not on the list; I made the first round for twenty (of thirty-two needed) squares for the straps/edging:

Granny squares for a crochet purse on a practically perfect Thursday
Granny squares for a crochet purse on a practically perfect Thursday

I had good intentions — but before I knew it most of the day had slipped away, and I was left with just the two squares toward a flamingo-inspired practically perfect bag:

two large granny squares crochet bag
The two flamingo-inspired ten-round squares

No ends were woven in and trimmed, no project was completed, but I did move at least one step closer, and tomorrow I will continue my quest for the fourth and fifth bags in my practically perfect series, moving forward, one stitch at at time.