More plein air crochet

After spending the morning inside working on the double lining for the flamingo-inspired practically perfect crochet granny square bag:

crochet bag flamingo lining
The flamingo side of the double lining

and then turning it right side out and pinning it into place:

crochet bag fabric lining
The lining pinned in and ready to be secured to the bag

I set aside my needle and thread and packed up my yarn and hook and went outside to brave whatever pollen might come my way because like the weather, the light outside was perfect for more plein air crochet.

I had thirty-six two-round squares on my to-finish-before-dinner list, and that meant I had thirty-six color decisions to make, and I knew those decisions would go more quickly and look much better if I made use of the day’s exquisite light.

So my back deck was where I spent most of my afternoon, and while I didn’t finish all thirty-six before the appointed hour, I did make thirty of them:

Thirty two-round granny squares made in an afternoon of plein air crochet
Thirty two-round granny squares made in an afternoon of plein air crochet

I also got two photos of all of the pieces I have completed so far. This overview:

crochet bag crochet squares
An overview of the pieces of the flamingo bag-to-be

and this side-long glance:

crochet bag crochet squares
Another view of the bag and all of the pieces I have made so far

While I fell a little bit short of my day’s goal (there are still six more two-round granny squares to be made, a lining to be secured, and two-round granny squares to be arranged in a way that makes visual sense to me), I did make substantive progress, and I am hoping that the traction I gained while the weather was so lovely will see me through the rain that is forecast.

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