When projects won’t complete themselves as quickly as one would like

Projects, sometimes, cannot be hurried; such is the case with the Mamy bag I am working on.

I cannot point to any one thing to say why it is taking so long, but the fact is that at the moment it is moving at a snail’s pace.

Despite the reluctance of this project to move forward, I did manage to get one more row completed today:

thirteen crochet hexagons
Three of eleven rows of crochet hexagons for a crochet bag

Sometimes a project can be planned and executed with precision: the pieces all fit, and there are no unexpected detours.

Other times, a project reveals itself, and despite the fact I began this project knowing what size hook and what weight of yarn I would be using, as well as what motif I would make and how many, and despite the fact I know how I would lay those motifs out and join them once they were made, this project has managed to resist begin completed in a timely fashion.

I think some of this has to do with the size of the bag; it is edging toward an overnight bag size. When I finally finish it, I will easily be able to fit a change of clothes, a nightgown, and toiletries. Certainly a bag built for adventure should be taken on one. And maybe it is my desire for such an adventure and the siren call of the road that is making each stitch come so slowly.

But this project will not be rushed. It does not care that I am in a hurry to see the outcome. It gives no thought to my worries about what I will do for handles. The bag is what the bag is, and I will just have to be patient.

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