The grenadine yarn arrives, and I make progress on the Day of the Dead yarn bomb

When I began work on my 2019 Day of the Dead crochet festivities, I was working on making very large flowers to add to my first yarn bomb, but I ran out of grenadine yarn for one of the flowers I was making, and after scouring all of Albuquerque to find a skein, I ordered ten more skeins online.

As anyone who has ordered anything online knows that while it is convenient, a watched box never ships. To counteract that fact, I decided that since Michaels was having a sale on their CraftSmart Value yarn, I might as well get started on two more yarn bombs while I waited for the grenadine.

Then yesterday, while I was in the middle of crocheting the first of two additional yarn bombs, the yarn I had ordered so I could finish the flower finally arrived:

The grenadine yarn I ordered so I could complete a crochet flower finally arrives
The grenadine yarn I ordered so I could complete a crochet flower finally arrives

Despite the timely arrival of the yarn, I was so busy running errands, I didn’t even get the box opened until the day had drawn to a close, and by then I was too tired to crochet.

Then today, with still more errands to run, I was so focused on getting where I needed to be on time and finishing as many squares for the second yarn bomb as possible, I forgot all about the grenadine yarn.

With nary a thought of the grenadine yarn in my head, I kept my nose glued to a stack of charts that guide me, working ten stitches here, two stitches there, doing whatever the charts tell me to do.

So while I didn’t get anything done on the flower, I did make substantive progress on the second yarn bomb:

And while only time will tell if crocheting an extra yarn bomb or two was a good idea, I did finish ten of the sixteen panels I need for the second Day of the Dead yarn bomb , and I am ready to move forward on all aspects of my Day of the Dead crochet, one stitch at a time.