Crochet fixes everything

One of the reasons I love crochet is the freedom it offers the crafter to create whatever she can imagine.

When you need a one-of-a-kind — “bespoke” if you prefer — item, with some fiber and a hook you can fashion pretty much whatever you need.

Cases in point:

Case 1:

When I wanted to give a childhood friend a singular gift, I was able to both design and crochet this taco wallet:

crochetbug, crochet circle, crochet taco, crochet wallet, crochet taco wallet
Crochet taco wallet

Case 2:

When my youngest son needed a strap for his marching band music binder I was once again able to crochet the required item in less time that it would have taken to drive to a store and shop for whatever would constitute a suitable marching band binder strap:

crochetbug, crochet strip, marching band music binder, bespoke strap
A crochet strap for a marching band music binder

Case 3:

More recently I found myself in need of something so my son and I would stop hitting our heads on a low-hanging chandelier that is in the middle of the dining room that has served as the headquarters of my crochet empire for the past several years.

We recently made a decision to downsize, and as part of that process we are moving. As a result, the former nerve center of my crochet empire is in disarray, and with the dining table moved to our new home, there is nothing to prevent us from running into the chandelier and hitting our respective heads.

That is until we fashioned a safety device out of a styrofoam head with a bright pink crochet hat pinned to it to create a “bespoke” chandelier “bumper” for the offending chandelier:

crochetbug, crochet safety bumper, crochet safety device,
A styrofoam head with a crochet hat to-be keeping me safe from a low-hung chandelier
crochetbug, crochet safety bumper, crochet safety device,
Detail of a DIY crochet safety device

With my head once again safe from injury, I was able to continue packing, destashing, and I even found a little time to rehab this former two-round granny square into a five-inch granny square:

crochetbug, granny squares. crochet square, crochet rehab, use what you have
One two-round granny square rehabbed into a five-inch granny square

as well as unearth four new crochet rehab candidates:

crochetbug, granny squares. crochet square, crochet rehab, use what you have
Four unearthed crochet motifs ready for rehab

I’m not entirely certain where the next leg of my crafting journey will lead me, but I will move forward, hook in hand, one stitch at a time.