An irrepressible shade of pink

This past weekend I seem to have catapulted myself from a morass of color indecision into a color decision machine, and I found myself unable to resist the siren call of an irrepressible pink.

After struggling with the first ten rounds of what will be a granny square blanket that is itself one large granny square, the square reached a sufficient size such that I was better able to envision the consequences of any individual color and move forward with more crochet and less frogging.

After the time spent agonizing over the color for the eleventh round (seen here worked in Red Heart Super Saver jade):

granny square blanket
The eleventh round in Red Heart Super Saver jade

the color for twelfth round revealed itself more quickly, and in no time the granny square was ringed in Red Heart Classic sea coral:

plein air crochet
Using daylight to choose the next round of color

As with round eleven, round thirteen had several contenders, but with less angst — and in relatively short order– not only was the thirteenth round crocheted, so was the fourteenth:

This is where my morning began:

granny square blanket
The granny square blanket as of this morning

with a fourteen-round granny square that was fifteen inches in width:

granny square crochet blanket
My progress so far

Pleased at how it was coming along (and aware that I have quite a way to go before I can call this granny square a blanket) I continued in my efforts, adding a fifteenth round:

granny square crochet blanket
The fifteenth round of a granny square crochet baby blanket

At which point I found myself with two competing pinks; a cooler and tidier one in the upper right hand corner, and a warmer, more expressive one (to my mind) on the bottom right, and while a persuasive case could be made for either, I decided that the irrepressible nature of the second was in better keeping with the overall goal of this project:

granny square crochet blanket
Deciding between a cool pink or a warm pink

and I was not disappointed:

granny square crochet blanket with an irrepressible shade of pink
I go with the warm, irrepressible shade of pink

I followed it up with a round of vibrant Red Heart Accent bright orchid:

granny square blanket
The seventeenth round of the granny square

which I then quieted down with a round of Red Heart Super Saver tea leaf:

granny square blanket
The granny square blanket at the end of the day

I am a little on the fence about the tea leaf, but by the light of a new day and another round, I expect that I will get the clarity I want before I go too much further.

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  1. Whoops I see you already came to a decision for your 11th round! I think you made good colour choices and I actually rather like the tea leaf!

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