I resume work on my permutations cat runner

Today, my first order of business was to get some shopping done.

I had managed to put it off for so long that we were out of many groceries that are for us, staples. So before I allowed myself to crochet, I forced myself to shop so that my family would have food choices that extended beyond the chocolate received at Christmas.

When I finally had finished with the shopping and other things that needed to be done, it was early afternoon. Not at all certain what I wanted to work on next, I consulted my Ravelry projects page which I use to document most of my projects.

Among the WIPs (aka Works In Progress) was the long forgotten, and until this afternoon, long lost bag to be felted:

one skein crochet bag
A small currant crochet one skein bag

as well as this cat runner I began work on over three years ago in June of 2009:

permutations crochet squares
Nine rows of the permutations crochet cat runner

I had no idea where the bag was, but I had recently come across the cat runner when I had been attempting to disentangle the yarn slug (a mass of formerly individual projects), and knew exactly what basket the cat runner and it’s pieces were in.

I ventured into the yarn annex, retrieved the basket in question, then settled into my workspace in the living room. As I laid out the in rows I had already completed, I was reminded of the most recent reason I had set it aside: while it is not readiy visible in the above photos, the last time I worked on the piece, I had changed joining techniques mid-stream.

Most of the joins had been done by working a slip stitch through the back loops only of the squares being joined, but the last time I worked on the piece, I used what was then (and is at this moment) my favorite joining technique: a single crochet through both loops of both squares being joined.

I did not notice the discrepancy until I had joined an entire row, and that day, I was not of a mind to remove the offending seams and start over.

Today, however, with the new year thrust upon me and a commitment to finishing the unfinished, I was of a mind to go back and redo the seams that needed redoing so that I could then move forward.

Two lucky things happened along the way:

One, I found the previously missing currant purse tossed in with the cat runner and the pieces remaining to be assembled.

Second, not only did I correct the problematic seams, I managed to join two more rows of squares:

crochet squares
I join two more rows of crochet squares for my future cat runner

The two new rows need to be joined to the body of the piece, and, as can be seen here, there are quite a few ends that need weaving in:

ends to be woven in
A view of the ends to be woven in

I know that this work will not go quickly, but I also know now that the end is in sight, and one day soon, my cat will be able to bask in the sun, perched on her very own cat runner.

6 thoughts on “I resume work on my permutations cat runner

  1. Your cat is either very large or very lucky to have such an expansive area to perch upon 🙂 Funtastic colorwork as always

  2. Love this. I love the colors in your cat runner. Might need to do this for my new puppy. After i finish my other wip.

  3. L ove your cat runner , the one I
    made is 6 sq x5 sq (5″ea) 6-16-12
    Have you ever wrote a book ??
    Gift of words ,,yolur blog, sure
    is interesting li ke a Book

  4. Love the cat runner colors! And I agree with Susan Jensen (above) – you should write a book.

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