Eight more chair leg socks

Today’s weather was beautiful: clear, crisp, and with plenty of sunshine.  One thing that sunshine did not reveal was that there were eight more chair leg socks in my future

With the trees still bare of any leaves, the sunlight streamed through the windows and seemed to bring the dust motes to life; I was tempted to take that as my cue sit down and crochet a dust mitt like the one featured in a pamphlet my son’s trumpet teacher shared with me yesterday:

crochet dust mitt pattern
Directions for a crochet dust mitt

but because I have a self-imposed moratorium on new crochet projects through the end of February, I decided to use one of my ordinary microfiber dust cloths and get to work.

Eventually, I finished the dusting and was ready to vacuum up as much of the dirt and pet hair as I could.

What was clear after I finished the vacuuming was this: I needed more chair leg socks. More specifically, I needed eight more chair leg socks for the two unsocked chairs in my kitchen where dog and cat hair like to accumulate.

Since the chair leg socks are an “unfinished” project already in process, finishing work on them would allow me to move onto the next project, so I decided to set aside my housework for the day, and get busy.

With my 3.5 mm hook in hand, the afternoon flew by, and soon all eight of the chair leg socks were done:

Eight more crochet chair leg socks
Eight more crochet chair leg socks

Having finished the last of the chair leg socks, tomorrow I will have to pick one of the other myriad unfinished projects that populate my house and work toward completing it; with so many to choose from, selecting just one might take me all morning.

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  1. did you ever finish that collection of little stuffed critters you were sending to the hospital?

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