The hardest part

Today I finally finished the Seafarer’s Cap, tackling the hardest part: the back seam

While I spent far more time on that particular seam than I had expected to, it was well worth the effort.

Last Friday, I had finished all of the crochet and woven in all of the ends. I was certain that I was just minutes away from completing it and had high hopes that I would be able to post a picture of the cap in all of its completed glory along with my week in review.

Instead, after nearly an hour of fiddling with as many ways to join the seam as I could think of, I set it aside. Then, after dark, while I was walking my dog, I thought of another way to approach the joining that I thought might result in a seam I could more easily live with, and after nearly 90 minutes seaming and frogging and seaming and frogging, I finally had it done, and I was able to take some photos just before my son and I headed out for his late afternoon trumpet lesson.

Here is a view of the back with the brim down and the seam that bedeviled me in the center:

seafarer's crochet cap
Back of the Seafarer’s Crochet Cap

as well as a view of the back with the brim turned up:

seafarer's crochet cap
Back of the Seafarer’s Cap with the brim folded up

and this a detail of the seam on the brim portion of the hat:

almost invisible crochet seam
Detail of the Seafarer’s Crochet Cap brim seam

Here is how the front looks with the brim still down:

seafarer's crochet cap
Front of the Seafarer’s Crochet Cap unfolded

and here it is with the brim turned up:

seafarer's crochet cap
The Seafarer’s Crochet Cap, ready to wear

What the photos do not convey is just how amazing this hat is and how well it fits.

The ribbing of the brim (which is created by working four rows of slip stitches through the back loop only for every half double crochet width) makes for a very springy and stretchy band that gives the wearer a good fit.

As frustrating as I found it to get a seam that I liked for the back of the hat, I will definitely be making this hat again because it is so incredibly comfortable, and hopefully, I will figure out a way to complete the joining that gives me the finish I like without taking quite so much time.

6 thoughts on “The hardest part

  1. What a great hat! Did you try the mattress stitch? I test patterns and do a lot of seaming. That gives me the best, least visible seam.

    1. I did a variation on the mattress stitch. I think the problem might have been in the fact that I worked the first row through the loop on the very back instead of the back loop. For most things it works out better, but this might be one of those instances where it is not. 🙂 I will be experimenting with a swatch so that I can figure out an easier way to get the job done.

  2. Love this cap! And would love to make it for a few of the men in my life. The join you came up with is beautiful – almost completely invisible. You are The Woman!

  3. Well done! It looks great, and I admire your patience and determination as much as the hat itself.

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