Racing toward sunset

Today I spent most of my crochet time continuing to work on the Josef Alber’s inspired red, black, and white scarf:

crochet scarf
My Josef Albers crochet scarf to coordinate with a jacket

But after I had taken the dog for his afternoon walk/romp with a friend, I turned my attention to a wonderfully simple felted make-up bag from the imagination of Merri P. Purdy.

Since I finished my recent felting rehab project, several people have asked me about the particulars of using a hand/pressure washer to do felting, and I decided that I would attempt to make a video of the process in conjunction with a dedicated page here at my blog to give guidance to anyone who might want to try it.

The first requirement for a felting video (after assembling the tools and materials) is to have something to felt. This is where Merri P. Purdy’s design comes in.

I had seen that a fellow raveler had made this make-up bag, and even though my friend is new to felting, her project came out perfectly. Also, Ms. Purdy has been very generous with her design and made the project available as a free download.

While the pattern calls for Lamb’s Pride worsted weight yarn (a mohair and wool blend), I decided to use Patons Classic Wool:

Patons wool yarn
Patons Classic Wool (currant)

I chose to use the Patons Classic Wool because even though I love the sheen that the mohair in the Lamb’s Pride gives to felted projects, the mohair slows the felting process and for the purposes of my upcoming video effort, I wanted a simple project that will felt relatively quickly.

Once I had settled on what yarn I would use, I downloaded Ms. Purdy’s instructions, got out my 6.5mm hook and tried to get as much done as was possible before sunset. Here is how far I got:

crochet purse
I begin work on Merri Purdiy’s make-up bag

I expect that I can have this done my Saturday morning, and with any luck, it will be the perfect prop and project for a felting demonstration.