Storm warning

This is what the weather forecast looked like when I got up this morning and how it appeared for most of the day:

Raleigh North Carolina weather
Weather for Raleigh, North Carolina

What the weather icon for Wednesday failed to convey was that the sunshine would last for all of ten minutes, so while I had a tentative plan to felt the small currant bag I had found in the basket with the formerly unfinished permutations cat runner:

one skein crochet bag
A small currant crochet one skein bag

I ended up working my fallback plan: gathering and sorting yarn scraps.

In the first fifteen days of January, I finished two scrap intensive projects, and the evidence could be found all over my house.

Bits of yarn in varying lengths littered the breakfast bar, end tables, my grandmother’s table, the top of the piano, my current favorite fat bag, and the basket in which I had found the permutations cat runner.

I divided the scraps I had amassed into three categories:


Short and medium scraps would be tied end-to-end with scraps of similar lengths.

The “magic” yarn ball created from short scraps is earmarked to be used in an as-yet-undetermined project. I will pair a strand of the short scraps with a strand of some neutral solid, like hot red or turqua.

The “magic” yarn ball created from medium scraps will be used to make a ripple afghan like one I saw on ravelry and for which I experienced an emotion that can best be described as “instant envy.”

The longer scraps I wound into a yarn ball without tying the ends, and they are destined to become a part of my great granny square afghan, shown here as it appeared in June of 2012:

great crochet granny square
My great granny square with most of the ends woven in

Here is how the yarn balls looked by early afternoon:

Three scrap yarn balls
Three scrap yarn balls

Satisfied that I had made progress toward my goal of a more serene and orderly home, I set my pursuit of yarn scraps aside, got out my hook, and decided to finish Square 86 from the 101 Crochet Squares crochet-a-long I have been participating in.

Last spring I started work on this square, and in the intervening months, it got put away and forgotten.

Here is how it looked as of May 8, 2012:

crochet flower crochet poinsettia
The center flower of square 86

and so it remained for many months.

Today, after some indecision about what color to make the square behind the flower, I settled on gold.

Here is how the square looked from the back:

back of a crochet square
The back of crochet square 86

and here is how it looked from the front:

crochet flower crochet poinsettia
Crochet Square 86

I omitted the last round of the square (more double crochet stitches), because I decided that I liked the smaller square better and because if I were going to make an afghan using this motif, I would design a plain square to be used for every other motif.

I also think that I should (at the very least) consider adding one more round of stitches, but instead of the double crochet called for in the pattern, I would use a single crochet as the square in its current form has more drape than is useful.

I don’t think tomorrow’s weather will be hospitable to outdoor felting activities as there is a storm due in the last afternoon which has prompted this warning to be issued: Winter Storm Watch from 6:00 p.m., Jan 17 until 4:00 a.m., Jan 18, but I know that if I can’t find a project to finish that suits my fancy, I still have plenty of yarn scraps I can round up and add to magic yarn balls I started today.