In which I finally finish the cat runner

I suppose it had to happen sooner or later, and by all accounts, it is later — much later, but at long last, the cat runner is completed.

My notes indicate that I began this project in June of 2009. While I don’t note a specific day, my guess is that I began it in warm weather with my eye toward that year’s state fair.

Instead, I set the project aside (some might say abandoned is more accurate), and it languished for several years.

Periodically, I would return to it, but then another, more urgent project would arise, and I would once again set it aside, but last Thursday, when I was searching for an, unfinished project to finish, I settled on the permutations cat runner, and this morning, after I got my son his breakfast on the the bus to school, I returned home and immediately set to joining rows and weaving in ends.

Shortly after two o’clock the two panels I needed to attach to the sides of the center panel were joined and as many of the ends as could be woven in and trimmed were:

two panels of crochet squares
The back of the two side panels to be added to the future crochet cat runner

I had also finally dealt with all of the ends of the center panel:

whipstitch joined crochet squares
The back center panel of the nearly completed crochet cat runner

and was ready to move forward.

Hook in hand and an array of yarns at my side (Red Heart Super Saver hot red, pumpkin, bright yellow, spring green, turqua, blue, amethyst, and shocking pink), I got to work, and somewhere around 4:30 it was done.

Here is a view of the front:

crochet cat runner
The front of the completed crochet cat runner

and here is a view of the back:

crochet cat runner
The back of the completed crochet cat runner

I was even able to get this photo of the cat runner in its designated place before the sun went down:

crochet cat runner
The crochet cat runner in situ

I don’t know exactly which unfinished project I will work on tomorrow, but I’m sure I’ll find something.

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