Pins and needles and a blue moon

With the number of months that have passed since I began this project, it seems fitting that I got the lining I had been so assiduously avoiding completed on the same date that a blue moon was due to appear in the sky.

I was on a tight schedule today, made even tighter by the fact that my mind was no longer able to override my body’s exhaustion, and I slept until well past eight.

The day did not seem to care that I needed my sleep and had begun without me. I got started on my chores and errands, and shortly after two o’clock, I was ready to whipstitch the lining into place.

Situated at the table that has become the centerpiece of my outdoor office, I had straight pins, embroidery needles, a purple thread that was a good match for the purple of the bag, and sharp scissors.

Ignoring the rules I was taught about the appropriate length of thread for hand sewing, I cut an overly long piece of thread and hoped it would not tangle. When I first began, the thread frequently caught on the straight pins I had holding the fabric in place, but after the first fifteen minutes, my movements became a little less awkward, and the thread got caught on the pin heads less often. I ended up using three separate lengths of thread to finish stitching the lining into place, but I got it done before the sun set and I had to leave the house to got to the next thing:

crochetbug, fat bottom crochet bag, crochet fat bag, crochet purse, fabric lining
Future fat bottom crochet bag with the lining FINALLY sewn in and ready for the blue moon

crochetbug, fat bottom crochet bag, crochet fat bag, crochet purse, fabric lining
A detail of the stitching

I am really looking forward to finishing this project; my goal is to get it in the mail before the crush at the post office which will, no doubt, begin Friday.