An ever-so-slight dusting of spring

Despite winter’s best efforts, with each passing day spring asserts itself just a bit more as we inch ever closer to this year’s World Cup.

After a brief run of completely perfect weather, the road to summer was interrupted by a day of cooler, wetter weather.

But today, although the air was still damp and moist, the temperature once again hovered at more normal springtime temperatures, and by late afternoon, I noticed a thin, barely visible film of pollen.

It was so subtle, in fact, that at first I thought my eyes might have deceived me, but on closer inspection it was clear that while the pollen has not yet fallen in quantities that would enable Wolfgang Laib to create another of his artistic masterpieces:

Wolfgang Laib yellow pollen
Wolfgang Laib at work

we are well on the way to the annual pollen letting that will cover all horizontal surfaces (and even some vertical ones) with with a coat of thick, yellow, dust that will, when it rains, turn to thick yellow goo, and then, when the yellow has finally cleared, spring will be over and summer will have begun.

In the meantime, while I wait for the pollen to drop, I am making a concerted effort to get some patterns written.

To that end, I spent all of this morning’s crochet time working to convert my notes on how I made the Ikea Expedit cubby baskets into a comprehensible pattern, and while I did make progress. By the time the afternoon arrived, I was more than happy to spend the rest of the day’s crochet time actually crocheting.

One of the first things I did was to finish the reworking of the World Cup 2014 hexagon inspired by the flag of the host country, Brazil.

I had wanted to try a couple of different things to see what worked better.

Here are my two efforts:

brazil flag crochet hexagons for a crochet soccer ball celebrating the world cup
Two crochet hexagons inspired by the flag of Brazil for a World Cup crochet soccer ball

I like elements of each hexagon, and spent more time that I would have liked ruminating about which features should be included in the final version. But I soon tired of ruminating and once again picked up my hook and got to work.

I made missteps along the way, but eventually got working versions of five hexagons done:

five crochet hexagons for a crochet soccer ball celebrating the world cup
Clockwise from the top — Germany, Brazil, Japan, Netherlands, and Nigeria — crochet hexagons for a world cup soccer ball

I never really know exactly where a project will take me or what I will learn along the way, and I have no doubt that by the time I work the last stitch of my 2014 World Cup soccer ball, I will have learned a lot along the way.