Of baskets, hexagons, and pentagons

After finishing work on the last basket, I moved the eight cubby Expedit unit into my youngest son’s room:

Ikea Expedit
An eight cubby Ikea Expedit unit

and then arranged the baskets in an order that pleased me:

eight crochet baskets Ikea Expedit
An eight cubby Ikea Expedit unit with eight crochet baskets

Next, I organized his things in a way that I hoped he would find so useful that he would do it himself. The jury is still out on that last part, but he does like the baskets.

With the baskets now busy serving the purpose for which they were made, I used some of the time freed up by not having any more baskets to crochet to convert my notes from scribbles on various pieces of paper and obscure notes on electronic devices to what I hope is a coherent pattern: So you want to make a crochet basket for an Ikea Expedit cubby?, and while that ate much of my time, I still had a little bit left to continue work on the crochet soccer ball to commemorate the 2014 World Cup.

Here is the newly revised Brazil hexagon paired with a pentagon made in a royal blue:

crochet hexagon crochet pentagon Brazilian flag
The Brazil crochet hexagon with a coordinating crochet pentagon

These flag colors (as I think of them), are outside color-comfort zone, but I think I am up to the challenge of working with more white and black than I would on my own, and less purple, pink, and electric blue, and hopefully the proof of that will be in the finished soccer ball.

and here is the Japan hexagon paired with a cherry red pentagon:

crochet hexagon crochet pentagon Flag of Japan
The Flag of Japan crochet hexagon with a coordinating crochet pentagon

Having figured out how I would make the hexagons that were meant to evoke the vertical stripe flags, I made reasonably good progress, and even got a start on a pentagon:

crochet hexagons crochet pentagon crochet soccer ball
Group photo of the crochet pieces I have made so far for my 2014 World Cup crochet soccer ball


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  1. Those hexagon flags are so fantastic!!!! I am loving watching the progress. The baskets look so wonderful in the shelving unit, too….

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