I finish the Flower Blossom Bag and get a start on a new soccer ball

The first order of business this weekend was to finish the Flower Blossom purse.

As of late Thursday, the bag was in need of a lining, and this weekend, once I got the lining done:

crochet flower crochet purse with fabric lining
The flower blossom purse with a spring green lining

I decided that it was also in need of a button.

I awoke this morning with one idea in my head, and after fussing with it the the point that I was almost satisfied, I glanced at the photo of the rendition of the purse featured in the book Crochet Noro, and I decided that my button design, while delightful, was not going to work of the Flower Blossom purse.

I got a fresh cup of coffee and retrenched.

Soon enough, I had come up with a crocheted button that better reflected the existing design elements:

crochet flower button crochet flower purse
A crochet button for the Flower Blossom purse

With the Flower Blossom purse officially finished:

crochet flower crochet bag
The front of the Flower Blossom bag
crochet flower crochet bag
The back of the Flower Blossom bag

I then turned my attention to a project that has been on my mind for many weeks now.

In late June/early July of 2010, I used the African Flower hexagon motif as the basis for a crochet soccer ball that I made to mark the 2010 World Cup which was being held on the continent of Africa.

Here is the soccer ball that resulted from those efforts:

African flower crochet hexagon motif soccer ball
Crochet soccer ball

Nearly four years have passed since that time, and I wanted to make another soccer ball for the the 2014 World Cup, and I hit on the idea of making hexagons and pentagons that were based on the flags of the various countries participating in this year’s event.

Using a 4.0 mm hook, Red Heart Super Saver colors royal, bright yellow, and paddy green the first hexagon of my 2014 World Cup soccer ball is inspired by the flag of the host country, Brazil:

African flower crochet hexagon brazil flag
An African Flower hexagon inspired by the flag of Brazil

and while I intend to use this hexagon in combination with 31 other motifs that depict some facet of the other 31 countries participating in the World Cup, if Brazil is the team you are rooting for, you might find that this pairing with a bright yellow pentagon would make the perfect crochet soccer ball:

Brazil crochet hexagon with yellow pentagon crochet soccer ball
The Brazil hexagon with a yellow pentagon

Tuesday, I will launch a page with everything you need to know to follow along and make your own 2014 crochet soccer ball, including the directions for the first hexagon in the series inspired by the flag of Brazil.

I hope you will be able to join me for this crochet adventure.

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