My 2014 World Cup soccer ball

The first time I crocheted a soccer ball was on the occasion of the 2010 World Cup. It was being held on the continent of Africa, and I thought the African Flower hexagon motif was the perfect vehicle for a crochet soccer ball celebrating the continent’s first time hosting the World Cup:

2010 world cup crochet soccer ball
One more view of the crocheted soccer ball

This time around, instead of using all 9000 of my favorite colors, I limited myself to the colors of the flags of the thirty-two countries that had made it to the final rounds of the World Cup competition, and I did my best to incorporate the designs of their flags into the thirty-two hexagons and pentagons of a soccer ball.

Last Tuesday, I finally began the piecing, and here is a photo of my progress while the piece could still be laid out flat:

future crochet soccer ball
The piecing of the crochet soccer ball continues

and here is a photo of how far I had gotten by as sunset neared last night:

crochet soccer ball
My 2014 World Cup crochet soccer ball begins to take shape

Because I really wanted to get this done and because there is no time like the present, I worked on it last night until I could no longer keep my eyes open, and while it wasn’t quite done, this morning, after I was fortified with breakfast and coffee, I finished stuffing the ball:

2014 world cup crochet soccer ball
A crochet soccer ball ready for adventure

And while my crochet soccer ball stuffing skills leave something to be desired, my 2014 World Cup soccer ball does not seem to be suffering for it:

2014 world cup crochet soccer ball
My 2014 World Cup crochet soccer ball chilling on a sofa

If you are interested in making your own crochet soccer ball, I have put together this page about how to make the pieces, and this page about how to assemble it.


5 thoughts on “My 2014 World Cup soccer ball

  1. Another amazing winner, Crochetbug! Like the soccer players themselves, you’re a real champ. Keep surprising us with your many talents and inspiring others to develop and explore their own.

  2. What a fabulous design!In my mind, there is a stadium full of people cheering for you!

  3. You continue to delight and amaze! As I’m sure you realize by now, I am hooked (haha!) on your blog and have become a lifelong follower and fan.

    Congratulations on this latest masterpiece.

    So now…when do you start working on your 2014 fair entry?

  4. I just love the soccer ball. I love your couch too. Where did you get it? I’m looking for a new couch for my new apartment. I’ll be moving next month. Just curious!!! Thanks for the beautiful pic and instructions!!! Betty

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