The piecing begins

Using the flags of the thirty-two countries competing in this year’s World Cup as my source of inspiration, I made twelve crochet pentagons:

Twelve crochet pentagons
Twelve crochet pentagons

and twenty crochet hexagons:

twenty crochet hexagons
Twenty crochet hexagons

With all of the pieces of the soccer ball completed, it was (and is) time for me to being the piecing.

I started by laying out all of the pieces and coming up with some idea of how I wanted to arrange them:

crochet hexagons crochet pentagons
I layout the crochet pieces

Then, as I began the actual piecing, I changed my mind and rearranged a few things:

piecing a crochet soccer ball
The piecing begins

No doubt, I will change my mind a few more times between now and weaving in the last end, but I am in the home stretch and soon enough it will be time to move onto the next thing.

2 thoughts on “The piecing begins

  1. My husband would love that project – our TV is almost on 24-7 now with the world-cup. Luckily I can knit, crochet etc pretending to watch…

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