An essential tool in a crafter’s toolkit

One of the most vilified (yet versatile) tools in a crafter’s toolkit is that of panic.

While it can be momentarily incapacitating, the adrenaline boost that accompanies the onset of panic can be very useful in helping one to get back on track, which is where I found myself today.

After laying out all of the pieces for my 2015 North Carolina State Fair project that I have made so far:

crochet motifs crochet circles crochet keyboard
The pieces of my 2015 North Carolina State Fair project so far

it was clear to me that I have barely enough pieces to make a shawl, let alone a project sufficient in size for the Home Furnishings Department Y Non-threaded Needlecraft Hand Crocheted Afghan 2+color competition, so after the initial wave of the panic subsided, I got out my 5.0 mm hook grabbed the nearest yarn available and started making the center of what will be some two-round granny squares:

twenty-four one round granny squares
Twenty-four granny squares-to-be made with worsted weight yarn an H hook and some panic from my crafter’s toolkit

Clearly, I have a lot of work to do, but with a huge stash of yarn, a good supply of coffee, and just a touch of panic, I just might reach my goal.