Stash down challenge 2012: Day 13

I think of thirteen as my lucky number.

One of my grandmothers was born on the thirteenth, my two older sons were each born on the thirteenth — thirteen has been pretty good to me, and today was no exception.

I have been crocheting one African flower hexagon motif per day for the last six days, and a friend of mine from the 8th grade (who reads my blog), sent me two interesting links that showed up in my email this morning.

I had mentioned in a previous blog post that my efforts to “square off” an African flower hexagon had been unsuccessful. Had I thought to “square off” the flower rather than the hexagon (or had I thought to google the words: crochet, African, flower, and square), I might have met with success as I would have found this video at Youtube with one idea for squaring off the flower:

as well as this diagram created by Pilar (Flickr Pertinitaco) who has shared it with SIBOL (Sunshine International Blankets of Love) for crocheters all over the world to use:

crochet, crochet flower, crochet square, african flower crochet square
African flower inspired granny square

In addition to the video on how to make a “square African Flower hexagon,” she also sent me a link to an adorable African flower hexagon purse, complete with tutorial.

And with visions of future African flower hexagon (and African flower square) projects in my head, I continued my quest to see where my African flower hexagon motif meditation would take me.

Here is the sixth hexagon in the series before joining:

an african flower crochet hexagon with a blue border
Day six African flower crochet hexagons

and here it is with it’s African flower hexagon compatriots:

six multicolor crochet african flower hexagons
Six African flower crochet hexagons

It is hard to know when one begins a journey, where it might lead, but with friends to help me along the way, at least I know it will be an interesting adventure.