Stitch London and the ultimate DIY

One of the things I like best about crochet is the way it can seem to make time stand still. Dirty dishes, unfolded laundry, unopened mail, all these disappear from thought when I work on a project.

However, even with crochet, there are occasions when time is of the essence. This usually happens for me when the entry date for the North Carolina State Fair approaches, but more recently, I came across a participatory event being organized by Stitch London, and there is, as it happens, a deadline of sorts.

Formerly known as Stitch and Bitch London, Stitch London is dedicated to taking over the world one stitch at a time, and to that end they have teamed up with the Science Museum to contribute to the museum’s re-opening of the “Who am I” gallery.

Anyone who wants to channel her (or his) inner Dr. Frankenstein is invited to contribute her (or his) own self-stitched you.

There are three rules for participation which I have lifted wholesale from the Stitch London website so that I would not make a transcription error. They are as follows:

Rule 1: Your Stitched Self must be approx. 6 inches/15 cm tall
Rule 2: Your Stitched Self must arrive before the 26th of June 2010
Rule 3: You must include your name (you can make a name up if you’re shy) and where you are from.

For a knit, crochet, or cutout pattern to get you started, and the address to send your stitched self, you can click right here.

Working from the pattern supplied at the London Stitch website, I got to work on my self-stitched you today as I bounced from one obligation to the other.

I got as far as this:

Unstuffed head with French knot ears:

crochet doll parts
My self-stitched crochet head

a body (stuffed):

crochet doll parts
My self-stitched crochet body

and one arm:

crochet doll parts
One self-stitched crochet arm

Clearly, my self-stitched you needs a bit of work before I can send her across the pond.

I am hoping that others of you will be able to send your own self-stitched you to join mine in London.