The open road

I would have liked to have done some crochet today, but other than selecting what I would take on the road with me, I didn’t get any done.

The morning was filled with household chores, which, when I attempted to prioritize them, all ended up at the very top of the list, each one being something I had to do before I could leave. I had wanted to get out the door by ten, but was thwarted by myself, and I did not begin my journey to Alabama until shortly after the noon hour.

My original plan for the day had included stopping for an espresso drink of some sort from Nantahala Village. I would then drive a short way to one of the tables along the road in the Nantahala National Forest and gaze at the river and drink (in a leisurely fashion) said espresso drink while I finished work on yesterday’s Square 56.

After that, I would continue on my way to Chattanooga, stop at the MoonPie General Store, buy MoonPies in all of the available colors so I could match them as closely as possible to the yarns in my stash.

Instead, I bolted out the door two hours later than I had planned for, and instead of the leisurely coffee and crochet en plein air followed by a short tour of historic Chattanooga, Tennessee, I made just one stop at an Ingle’s market in Swannanoa, North Carolina where I was able to get gas, coffee, and three boxes of MoonPies, just a stone’s throw from Warren Wilson College, where I got my MFA.

Tomorrow is a new day, and maybe, just maybe, I will find a moment to complete Square 56 and use my first effort to make an homage to MoonPie®:

The front of my crochet MoonPie tribute made while on the road
The front of my crochet MoonPie tribute made while on the road

to work out the details of new crochet MoonPies® in all of the colors they are offered.