No time

This morning, after breakfasts and lunches were made, dishes washed, and sufficient caffeine consumed to fuel my work, I returned to where I left off the night before and continued to join the four strips of one-by-one Bauhaus blocks to what was (at that moment anyway) the central motif of my 2011 North Carolina State Fair project.

After I had managed to work in three hours of concentrated effort, all four strips were attached with ends woven in and trimmed:

crochet squares crochet rectangles
I finish attaching the four strips of one-by-one squares to the central crochet motif

There are now 21 days between me and the deadline to turn this project in. The current size is 36.5″x36.5″ or 37/256ths the projected size.

To move things along more quickly and to give myself a feeling of accomplishment that will spur me to even greater action, I decided that the next addition would be 44 of the larger two-by-two Bauhaus blocks encircling the central motif.

I began laying the larger Bauhuas blocks out shortly before dinner. This allowed me to take an inventory of what colors I have already made and to get an idea of how this addition will change the overall project yet again:

crochet squares crochet rectangles
I begin laying out the next round of Bauhaus crochet blocks

If I had the time, I would probably be fretting over this more. I would get out graph paper and using my brand new twistable Crayola colored pencils I would sketch out several additional possible designs, and then use a calculator to figure out how many pieces I could make in an hour and how many hours it would take.

But at the moment I don’t have the luxury of panicking. I need to maintain my focus and concentrate my efforts not on figuring out how I will finish this piece, but on actually finishing it.