Today I woke up to the realization that there were just 58 days between me and the deadline to complete my entry for the 2011 North Carolina State Fair and there was a lot of piecework yet to be done.

Then I did some multiplication. Thirteen Bauhaus quilt blocks by thirteen Bauhaus quilt blocks equals 169 Bauhaus quilt blocks.

A quick survey of the Bauhaus quilt block shows that it is comprised of four Bauhaus rectangle and four Bauhaus blocks:

A Bauhaus crochet motif made from crochet squares and crochet rectangles
The pieces for my Bauhaus crochet quilt block made with a 4.5 mm hook and worsted weight yarn

I then multiplied the 169 quilt blocks needed to complete this project by the 8 (the number of pieces each quilt block is comprised of) and got 1352. Subtracting the 8 already made left a grand total of 1344 pieces to be made.

With barely a moment to wonder where the summer had gone, I went to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. Clearly, I had to get busy.

And busy I was. Once I finished with things I needed to do this morning, I sorted through the LifeSavers® inspired stash bag that I made for this project and grabbed a ball of yarn and got to work, alternately making rectangles and squares. When I tired of one color, I moved onto the next.

Just before dinner, I had completed these rectangles:

a rainbow of bauhaus crochet rectangles for my piecework
A rainbow of twenty-eight Bauhaus crochet rectangles, all in a row to be used in my crochet piecework

and these squares:

rainbow of Bauhaus crochet squares
Twenty-nine Bauhaus crochet blocks

There are still a lot of pieces to be made, but I got a reasonably good start today, and for the next 58 days, I won’t have to wonder what I am going to do.