The road trip scarf: blocked and ready to be tricked out

Since finishing my state fair piece, I have been working to get caught up on housecleaning chores that fell by the way side in my quest to have the project ready for the state fair.

Each day, I work on one small extra bit of cleaning (clearing a table, dusting a mantel, sorting through plastic containers and discarding those I no longer use), in addition to any required maintenance cleaning.

Friday, I took advantage of the gorgeous weather to wash three loads of laundry, and I found that Zelna Olivier’s “Road Trip” scarf is not just excellent for working while taking a road trip, it is equally wonderful to work when you have just small bits of time here and there to work a row or two of stitches.

After working on it for a bit on Friday and Saturday, I was delighted when, late this morning, I managed to work the last stitch and could get the project ready to be tricked out.

Here is how it looked before I wove in the ends and blocked it:

crochet triangle scarf
The road trip scarf, ready to be blocked

And here it is in the waning light of the day after having been throughly soaked and blocked:

My first road trip crochet scarf blocked and ready to be tricked out
My first road trip crochet scarf blocked and ready to be tricked out

Tomorrow I will have to venture into my yarn annex in search of the yarns I intend to use for the decorative elements of this project, but there is such a beautiful simplicity to the project, I know that this first road trip scarf will not be my last.