A very rainy Monday

It was good that my plans for the day did not require clear skies and dry weather, as this is a sample of some of the intermittent rainfall that fell throughout the day:

While there were many errands to run eventually they ended, and I was able to sit down with the materials I needed to continue work on the crochet ribbed newsboy hat, the pattern for which I am testing for Eileen Tepper, and shortly before sunset and just as another bout of rain was beginning to fall, I completed the hat.

Here it is fresh off the hook:

crochetbug, textured crochet hat, ribbed crochet hat, crochet post stitch extravaganza
The freshly completed hat with work still to be done

and here it is ten minutes later with the scraps of yarn I used to mark the rounds removed and all of the ends woven in:

The ribbed newsboy hat all done and tidied up on a very rainy Monday
The ribbed newsboy hat all done and tidied up on a very rainy Monday

What can I say? I love this hat.

The stitches used to create the ribbed effect make for a very dense fabric and give the hat a firm feel. I don’t know that it would be comfortable to wear in Florida, but there are plenty of colder weather destinations for which it would be perfect, and the brim of the hat is just exactly right.

The other thing I really like about this hat is that it has the same excellent fit I have come to enjoy with all of Eileen Tepper’s designs. A hat that stays securely on your head, but does not leave you with super messy hat hair when you remove it.

So tomorrow, morning when I return from taking my son to the bus, I will type up my notes and get them to Eileen Tepper as soon as I can, so that she can get this pattern to market, and other crocheters can experience the joy of making this hat.