Practice makes perfect (and more hats)

In 2011, I began what has become a November tradition for me: crocheting from my stash, and one of the mainstays of my November crochet are hats and more hats.

This year, just fifteen days into my destash, I had the good fortune to stumble on Jenna Wingate’s free stash-buster hat pattern, and since practice makes perfect, after I got the first one off in the mail to its intended recipient, I immediately got out my hook and an assortment of various yarns and got to work on a second hat.

Today, I was determined to get this hat in the ta-done pile, I so started by weaving in all of the ends and then trimming them:

stash buster crochet hat
My second scrap buster hat effort with the ends woven in and trimmed

Next, I began cutting lengths of yarn for the braid, and very soon after had an epiphany about how the yarn should be attached which made the work of getting the hat ready for braiding go much more quickly:

stash buster crochet hat
The same crochet hat, ready for braiding

Then, after running a couple of late afternoon errands that could not be put off for another day, I managed to finish braiding the hat in time to get this photo:

stash buster crochet hat
The second crochet hat, finished an in need of a coordinating cowl

Now all it needs is a coordinating infinity cowl, and it will be good to go.

For the next day or so, however, my attention will be fixed on what is my third crochet seafarer’s cap.

While I love Beth Hall’s free pattern, the one colorness of it is a real challenge for me, and after I finished the last seafarer’s cap I made, it occurred to me that there was a way to make it using more than one color, so that is what I am experimenting with here:

I begin work on a two-tone seafarer's crochet cap so that I have more hats to give
I begin work on a two-tone seafarer’s crochet cap so that I have more hats to give

There are only eleven days left to November, and while I don’t know where my crochet adventures will take me, with my yarn and hooks, I am ready for anything.