Two more coffee cup cozies and a Tetris inspired half-double hyperbolic plane

I set aside the Tetrisghan today so that I could make a few things to send to a friend I have known since the third grade.

She has been confronted with one of those life-changing challenges that helps a person clarify her (or his) priorities.

The fact that I am not there to do anything concrete (get her coffee, bring her lunch or dinner, do laundry) leaves me feeling unempowered, so in an attempt to change that feeling for myself, I decided to put together a care package that includes a few items that will (I hope) provide her with some measure of convenience and give her something to do in the many days ahead in which she will need patience and fortitude.

I started by making a two more coffee cozies so that she will always have one with her when she is traveling from one waiting venue to another and needs to stop for a cup of coffee along the way.

Working from my stash of Red Heart Super Saver variegated yarns, I made this one from the cherry coke colorway:

coffee cup crochet cozy
Cherry cola crochet coffee cup cozy

and another from the chili colorway:

coffee cup crochet cozy
Chili crochet coffee cup cozy

With all of that caffeine coursing through her veins, I thought she might need something to keep her hands busy, so I decided that a seven-round, half-double crochet, hyperbolic plane was in order.

Using a 3.25 mm hook and the same colors in as are in the Tetrisghan, I got to work.

Here is how it looked after the first three rounds:

incipient hyperbolic crochet plane
The first three rounds of a half double hyperbolic plane

and here it is four rounds later:

hyperbolic crochet plane
A Tetris inspired half-double hyperbolic plane

I had some momentary regrets that I had not worked it in a single crochet stitch, but sometimes there isn’t time for regrets, and this is one of them.