In the aftermath of yesterday’s epiphany with regard to my Big Rug project, I found that I had a lot of straightening up to do.

First, there was all of the yarn I had gotten out in order to make an African Flower Hexagon out of the Lamb’s Pride bulky weight wool. While I needed five to make the motif itself, I had at least a dozen colors scattered about in order to choose the five that I used, and they needed to be sorted out and put away.

Then, there was the matter of the stash of Red Heart Super Saver yarn that I am using for the Mamy Bag. I am down to making the last 7 motifs, and in order to get a sense of what colors to use where, I have all of them out where I can see them and make decisions.

Even then, the resulting motif does not always work out as I envisioned, and I have to start over or replace a round or two. That project, and the attendant yarns needed to be put into a more organized pile so that it would out from underfoot, but visible so that I could not entirely ignore it.

Once I was done with the straightening and sorting, I didn’t have that much time to work before it was time to leave the house and run the errands that had piled up over the last two days.

So that I could feel I had accomplished something, I got out this ball of yarn that I had made from a former favorite pair of jeans:

denim stripe from old jeans
My former favorite jeans cut in a continuous single strip

Put it in a mesh laundry bag:

denim stripe from old jeans
I put my fomer favorite jeans yarn-to-be in a small, mesh laundry bag

and washed it:

denim strip after washing
My former favorite jeans after washing

I then put it in the dryer:

denim strip after drying
My former favorite jeans after 10 minutes in the dryer

and spent half of my son’s trumpet lesson detangling it and winding it back into a ball.

Then, because I had not brought a hook large enough to accommodate my upcyled, denim yarn, I got out my ever faithful Clover chibi and began weaving in the ends of this cat runner to-be:

crochet square granny square cat runner
The back of one quarter of my future crochet cat runner

I only got a few ends woven in before it was time to leave the lesson, and when we got home it was time to make dinner.

Tomorrow, I plan to set aside all of these partially finished projects, and see if I can find one that I can get done before sunset, and then use that energy to finish all of the things in front of me.