Fourteen days and counting

I woke up this morning to just a fortnight’s worth of days to finish work on my 2013 North Carolina State Fair project.

Knowing that I have no time to waste, I got to work.

Yesterday, I had finished work on a strip of five new cookie motifs.

This morning, I joined that five motif strip as well as the one I had finished earlier in the week to the throw.

Here is how it looked as of early afternoon:

crochet cookie motifs for a crochet blanket
My progress so far

I took advantage of the lovely light and laid out the large cookies that I would need for another row:

five more crochet cookie motifs for a crochet blanket
I prepare to lay out five more motifs

and then settled on the arrangement of the 40 small cookies that would be needed to finish the five new motifs:

Five more crochet motifs for a crochet afghan
Five more motifs ready to be joined

By the time I had made notes and taken photographs, it was time to pick my youngest son up from school and buy some much needed groceries. I grabbed some of the small cookies still in need of having the ends woven in and did exactly that:

A dozen crochet cookies
Another dozen cookies with the ends woven in

Tomorrow is a new, albeit shorter, day and with the deadline for the project drawing so near, I need to make the most of each stitch and every minute.