“C” is for cookie (and cookieghan)!

One thing I have learned about working on a large or in some way complicated project is that eventually it does come to an end.

The final piece joined, the last tail woven in, the border done — and that is where (finally) I found myself today with the cookieghan.

The day started with one row to be completed:

crochet cookie crochet blanket
The cookieghan one row and a crochet border shy of completion

I prepared the last thirteen cookies in an assembly line fashion, attaching the length of yarn to be used for the joining to each of the remaining cookies.

Here is an overview of the crochet cookies sunning themselves on the back deck:

thirteen crochet cookies
The final 13 crochet cookies all in a row

and here is a cookie’s eye view of the same motifs:

crochet cookies for a crochet blanket
The long view of a baker’s dozen of crochet cookies waiting to be joined

By 10:30, I was ready to get to the work of joining the final row.

I started from the center cookie and worked my way out toward either edge. This reduced, but did not eliminate, the awkwardness.

I continued my work, rotating the entire afghan as I joined each cookie of the final row.

By 2:00 pm EDT, the cookies were joined, and all that remained was to remove the yarn scraps that had marked where joins were to be made, and crochet a border, which I did:

cookieghan crochet blanket
The crochet cookieghan

Tomorrow is a new day, and while I am not exactly certain what I will work on, I do know that a new adventure awaits me. Meanwhile, I’ll join my favorite monster for a song in celebration of the cookie.