A bag-to-be of cookies

Late last August I got it into my head that I wanted — nay, needed — a bag made of cookies, and now that dream of a cookie bag is nearing fruition as I work on bag-to-be made of crochet cookies.

At the time crochet season was in full swing, and  I was in the throes of my annual state fair project. Cookies littered almost every horizontal surface of my home, and stray cookies could be found in my purse and scattered about my car from hurried trips to here and there.

It took everything I had to keep my eye on the prize (in this case, finishing Cookieghan 2.0 in time for the October 10 deadline) and to not be distracted by my insatiable desire for a bag made of cookies.

I was good and did not start any new projects, but by the time I had finished Cookieghan 2.0, my youngest son’s school year was in full swing. There were meetings to be attended, trumpet lessons to be driven to, and I had imagined that I would at last be able to catch my breath.

But it was not to be.

I got stuff done, finishing this cookie poncho:

cookie crochet poncho, crochetbug, crochet cookies, crochet squares
Cookie poncho

as well as this scrap-buster hat:

stash buster crochet hat
The second hat, finished an in need of a coordinating cowl

and coordinating cowl:

stash buster mobs crochet cowl
The completed striped, mobius cowl

One thing led to another, and after finishing work on the seventh of eight baskets needed to begin work on a project to get myself better organized, I realized that if I didn’t just drop everything and work on the cookie bag, it might never get done, so after putting in some time on Friday and Saturday, I finished work on all of the cookies I would need:

crochet cookies
A bag’s worth of cookies

and toyed with a possible arrangement:

arrangement of crochet cookies
One possible arrangement of the cookies

Today, I decided to stop moving the cookies around and finally began the work of joining them:

A crochet cookie bag-to-be
A crochet cookie bag-to-be

I still need to figure out just exactly how I am going to round off the motifs and join them, but each stitch brings me one step closer to realizing the bag of my dreams.