Did you say “cookie poncho?”

The cookies are not yet done with me.

After finishing work on Dotghan .25 (including this tutorial), I had thought I would finish piecing together this bright (some might say neon) orange afghan:

orange crochet squares
An orange crochet afghan to-be

Instead, I was reminded of a poncho I had long ago promised to make, and I determined that the psychic space created by fulfilling this promise would exceed the physical space that would be freed up by finishing the neon orange afghan.

That’s when the cookies reappeared, promising me they could form the basis of the best poncho ever.

Not one to ignore the cookies, I found my hooks and yarn and got to work.

My first efforts looked pretty good, but after some revision, I was able to come up with something that I felt truly captured the ineffable joy of both cookies and ponchos:

cookie crochet poncho
Future crochet cookie poncho

It has been a bit of a struggle because in the run-up to my son Simon’s visit in late September, almost all of the yarn in the crochet empire/guest room was hurriedly stored in the yarn annex to make way for the carpet cleaners and room for my son.

I had finished work on all of the cookies for Cookieghan 2.0, so it did not impact my crochet work at that time, but now it can take more time than I would like to find the yarn for any given cookie I am working on, but despite the added challenge of the yarn scavenging, I am making progress, and my hope is that by the end of the week the cookie poncho is packed up and on it’s way.

I don’t know if the cookies are done with me yet, but I am enjoying all of the places they take me.