Did you say cookie scarf?

With all of the cookies crocheted and the ends woven in, the only thing left to do was join them in some fashion.

Using Red Heart Super Saver warm brown, I worked a join not unlike the join I used in the original cookieghan:

joining crochet cookies
My first attempt at joining the crochet cookies

It looked great, but about 5 cookies in, I realized that the join was a bit less fluid and forgiving than what was needed for a scarf, so I took some of the cookies that had not yet been joined and tried a variation on my first effort:

joining crochet cookies
The second attempt at joining crochet cookies

This joining resulted in a drape that was more hospitable to wearing as a scarf, so I continued on my merry crochet way, and by this morning, I had gotten this far:

joining crochet cookies into a crochet scarf
My progress joining crochet cookies as of this morning

Then with bent-tipped yarn needle in hand, I wove in ends. First one, then another. Finally they were all woven in, but the edge was a bit floppy, so filled in the border with sc stitches. When it still wasn’t holding together the shape as I wanted it too, so I continued and crocheted a round of slip stitches, and then it looked to my eye, just right:

crochet cookies made into a crochet scarf
An over view of the finished cookie scarf

Here is the long view:

crochet cookies made into a crochet scarf
A long view of a crochet cookie scarf

and here it is chillaxing on the front porch the afternoon after the fall’s first hard freeze:

crochet cookie crochet scarf ready to wear
The cookie scarf strikes a pose

Now that I have this cookie scarf done, I have an idea for another completely different join for a second cookie scarf, but I am going to wait to see what project strikes me next, and if you are looking for your next project, you might want to consider joining a crochet-along featuring Lianka Azulay’s crocodile fingerless glove pattern and using her exquisite yarn. It might just be what you need to unleash your crochet mojo.