Crochet cookie scarf fever

While I let ideas for the handles and straps and other finishing touches for my series of granny square bags percolate, I have turned my crochet efforts to the cookie scarf that has wrested my attention — at least for the time being — from all other projects as a result of something I think could best be described as cookie scarf fever.

Based largely on my first ever cookieghan, (you can read more about it here) these cookies are a bit larger and a bit floppier than my previous work.

I wanted the cookies to be double-sided, but I also wanted them to be pliable so that it would be easy to wrap the scarf around your neck and go.

And as evidenced by these two new cookies (a jam-centered one and a cherry wink):

two crochet cookies for a crochet cookie scarf
A jam-centered and a cherry wink cookie for a crochet scarf

my efforts are going pretty well.

I did, however, experience some technical difficulties which left me with a crochet frosted oatmeal cookie and a crochet chocolate chip cookie both in medias res as sunset neared:

two crochet cookies for a crochet cookie scarf
Frosted oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies in medias res

There was, however, just enough sunlight left for me to get this photo of the six cookies that form a good start on the 13 cookies I anticipate using for the finished scarf:

six crochet cookies for a crochet cookie scarf
A half-dozen crochet cookies for a future crochet cookie scarf

There are still a few other details to work out.

I don’t know exactly how I am going to join the cookies into a scarf, but I have in mind one option that would be fairly open. If that works I then have to figure out a treatment for the edge, but in the meantime, I will move forward the only way that is possible: one stitch at a time.

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