A snowy day

Tuesday night, soon after I had hit the publish button for my blog post titled “No snow snow day,” my son came into the dining room where my crochet empire is currently headquartered, and asked me if I had seen the snow.

I hadn’t, so we turned the dining room lights off and the the porch lights on, then gazed out at the evening winter wonderland.

I got a better look at it the next morning when Clooney and I were out for his morning walk.

Here is one of Clooney’s favorite neighborhood paths before anyone had had a chance to spoil it’s scenic splendor:

snow day
A snowy snow day

With breakfast and the dog’s morning walk behind me, I wanted to make the most of the snowy snow day.

I don’t particularly like snow (it’s a bit cold and wet for my taste), but I love the quiet of a snow day, and I feel a responsibility to use the time wisely. With that in mind, I got out the cookieghan for my friend’s newest granddaughter, Amelia, and finished joining all of the squares:

crochet cookie crochet blanket
All of the squares joined and ready for a border

With that done, I went about the business of tidying up the ends and crocheting a modest border consisting of single crochet stitches.

Here is the completed project:

crochet cookie crochet blanket
Amelia’s crochet cookieghan with a modest border and the ends woven in and trimmed

and here is a detail of the border:

crochet corner mouth corner
Detail of a mouth corner

While I was done with my designated snow day project, the snow day was not over, so I pulled out another UFO (Dotghan 1.5), and got to work:

crochet dot crochet blanket
I start work on Dotghan 1.5

Due to the fact that the snowy slushiness of today is forecast to be frozen solid by tomorrow morning, my son will have one more snow day, and I am looking forward to putting the time to its highest and best use.