Everything old is new again

Thursday, when I had finished all of the crochet work on a munchkin hat I was making for the new cousin of a friend from high school, I had what I now think of as a misguided notion — a belief that the hat itself was not enough and needed something more.

At the time, I had identified the missing element as a pom pom.

I am not a skilled pom pom maker so I turned to the internet. After looking over several tutorials, I settled on one and — following the directions to the best of my ability — I made something sort of resembling a pom pom.

As pom poms go, it was rather anemic, and as such, it did not hold it’s shape.

Unwilling to let the pom pom go to waste, I decided I would make use of Ms. Premise-Conclusion’s free crochet pattern for an ideal sphere in an effort to salvage it.

And I sort of did.

Here the pom pom can be seen with the eleven rounds into a fourteen round sphere, shortly before I stuffed the entire pom pom into the future ideal sphere:

crochetbug, crochet ball, ideal crochet sphere, pom pom, fuchsia yarn
A would-be pom pom and an ideal crochet sphere

And here it can be seen after the fourteen-round ideal sphere appears to have gobbled the entire pom pom:

crochetbug, crochet ball, ideal crochet sphere, pom pom, fuchsia yarn
An ideal crochet sphere stuffed with a pom pom

I was very pleased with how the ideal sphere came out, but as I had stuffed the ball with yarn rather than fiber fill, the sphere was a little too heavy to attach to the crochet munchkin hat:

crochetbug, crochet hat, crochet stripes, crochet munchkin hat
The crochet munchkin hat

So I decided to just pair the two items together as a hat and ball set rather than trying to join them:

crochetbug, crochet hat, crochet stripes, crochet munchkin hat, ideal crochet sphere
The munchkin crochet hat and ideal crochet sphere, ready for adventure

With that all done expect for the packing up and mailing, I turned my attention to getting my new home in order, and first up on my “crochet today list” was to make some new fitted chair leg socks.

The old chair leg socks had gotten stretched out and were covered in dog hair, so rather than try to revive them, I decided to replace them, and this time I had a request for burgundy fitted chair leg socks, and I got one of them made before I needed to go off in search of more burgundy yarn:

crochetbug, chair leg crochet sock, crochet home decor
A new crochet chair leg sock in burgundy

I’m not at all certain where there is more burgundy yarn, but I do know I have some, and I will enjoy my crochet wherever it takes me, one stitch at at time.