High hopes

Each morning this week I have gotten out of bed with high hopes, thinking I would accomplish more than I ultimately did.

Today was no exception.

In my ever fertile imagination, I let myself think that I would be able to complete the gusseting of the hunter green bag, finish making (and attaching) all of the decorative elements, crochet a strap long enough to allow the bag to be worn in a crossbody fashion, line the bag-to-be, take a series of spectacular photos, upload said photos to my flickr account and then use them in today’s blog post.

While it was not the most realistic schedule, and while I failed to meet it, my “high” (some might say fanciful) hopes are what help me move forward with not only relatively small projects (like the hunter green bag), but my many larger projects that require unrelenting optimism to see them through to the end.

So what did I get done?

Not certain about the gusseting work I had done yesterday, I removed it, redid it, and got a satisfactory result which I then tacked down. Here is the body of the bag with the gusseting completed:

crochet purse
The body of the crochet bag with the gusseting completed

Next, I completed work on two additional crochet balls to be used as decorative elements on the bag:

crochet purse
a few decorative crochet balls

Lastly, I finished crocheting the strap:

crochet purse
and a crossbody strap

There is still a substantial amount of work to be done, but the ends is in sight, and that gap between what I think I can get done, and what I do get done are the high hopes that see me through from the first chain of a project to trimming the last end.