I finish the beach blanket-to-be

I finished the beach blanket-to-be today.

I began this project six weeks ago to the day, and as of four-thirty this afternoon, it was done.

The squares were made and joined, the border was crocheted, and all the ends were woven in and trimmed.

Summoning all the crochet mojo, I could find, I began my crochet day here:

crochet granny square beach blanket
Filling in with strips and the first round of the border

The first round of the border completed, I continued my work, and by noon I had finished the 3dc clusters that comprise the second round with Red Heart Super Saver gold:

crochet granny square beach blanket
I border the beach blanket to be with gold 3dc clusters

Then after trying Red Heart Super Saver cherry red, coffee, dark orchid, and burgundy, I settled on claret for the last two rounds of the border:

crochet granny square beach blanket
The completed Granny Square Sampler crochet beach blanket

There are any number of lovely things one could crochet for a wedding gift, so of all the blankets that I could have crocheted, why this one?

Part of what makes this afghan so attractive to me is the way in which it so accurately mirrors life.

The pieces, while individually perfect, don’t (when assembled as pictured) fit together perfectly. But despite this unevenness and the need for accommodations to be made and gaps to be filled in, the individual pieces work to create a whole that is greater than their sum.

This particular project has such a grip on me, I have plans (after this year’s state fair project is completed) to make yet another afghan using this pattern as my guide. All that is left for me to figure out is do I join it with a single crochet through both loops as I did on the afghan on the left in the photo below, or do I continue to experiment with the join-as-you go method I used in the afghan on the right:

crochet granny square beach blanket
The original afghan-that-eluded me and the reprise

I still have some time to decide; until then, I wish the young couple receiving this gift the very bestas they set out on what (I hope) will be a long and rewarding journey together.