Square 22 and square 70

Yesterday’s moist and balmy weather got blown out of town late yesterday by a cold, dry wind with plans to stay through the weekend.

As such, other than forays into the out of doors with my dog, I spent most of the day inside, avoiding not so much the cold air, as the biting wind that accompanied it. And while I didn’t get a lot done, I did make progress on the 101 Crochet Squares crochet-a-long.

The texture of square 22, the first square I worked on, caught my eye as I surveyed the many choices I still have, a reflection of t how many weeks behind I still am.

Using Red Heart Super Saver lemon and a 5.0 mm hook, I got to work. In looking over the directions as I made my first chain, I noticed they described an intriguing “mini” bobble that employed a technique I had not previously used.

Now that I have made the square seen here:

Textured crochet square worked in lemon
Square 22

I expect that I will use this “mini” bobble technique in the future and see what other crochet magic can be created with this delightful little crochet tool that has been added to my crochet tool kit.

Once the ends were woven in and square 22 had been set aside, I again surveyed my choices. After more thought that was useful, I ended up choosing the square closest at hand (at least in time): square 70, the most recently assigned square.

I contemplated using Red Heart Super Saver pumpkin for the center. However, I ended up working with a more subtle palette, beginning with Red Heart Super Saver light raspberry, followed by warm brown, and after some hesitation, finished off with the color known as coffee:

crochet square with a round center
Square 70

One thing I have come to understand from this crochet-a-long is thatno square is “just a square.”

Each motif has something to teach me, as long as I am willing to learn.