A wonderful and unexpected crochet day

Today did not unfold as planned, but as all days do it unfolded nonetheless, and in an unusual twist, it freed up more time for crochet.

I started by blocking this headband/earwamer to be:

blocking a crochet ear warmer
A crochet ear warmer/headband to-be being blocked

I made my first headband in Red Heart Super Saver grape fizz several years ago now to coordinate with a pair of Victorian texting gloves I had made using Catherine DePasquale’s design, and I am delighted to announce that while the pattern was not easily available for a period of time, Ms. DePasquale has once again made the pattern readily available at no charge.

With the future headband/earwarmer drying, I then turned my attention to a book I ordered many years ago and which was beckoning to me:

Peter Max crochet book
A very retro crochet book

I have been meaning to make something from The Peter Max Crochet Book for about as long as I’ve owned my copy, and when this┬átime opened up in my schedule, I decided that today was as good as any.

The first thing I did was check my gauge. I’m normally terrible about this particular step, but I thought that I would give it a try, and after several near misses, I found that using a 4.0 mm hook and a crochet tension regulator got me the recommended 8 dc = 2″.

With the gauge worked out, I then dove into my stash, and after a couple of hours, this is what had emerged:

Peter Max alpine crochet hat
A Peter Max alpine crochet hat to be
A Peter Max alpine hat-to-be
A Peter Max alpine hat-to-be

I have a bazillion or so ends to weave in, and when I am finished with this trial run, I will crochet a second using my wool stash, but all in all, it was a wonderful and unexpected crochet day.