I take inventory and then get started on a new stash-busters hat

Today, when I was trying to figure out what to work on next, I decided that I would take a quick look back at what I had just finished.

First, I gathered the various blue slouchy beanies I had made to help a friend round out her gifts for the teenagers in her life and got this group photo:

blue crochet hats, crochetbug, blue crochet beanies, blue crochet toboggans, textured crochet
Three blue hats

Next, I tracked down the hats and sweater that are South Carolina bound and got this picture of them huddled together against the brisk morning air:

An Eloise crochet sweater and five crochet hats, crochetbug, crochet beanies, crochet flowers, stash buster
An Eloise sweater and five crochet hats

Having all of the hats in one place reminded me that I wanted to make at least one more; this time for myself.

Like many people, I have a Facebook account, and like many people, I sometimes spend more time there than is useful.

While I use Facebook to keep up with what is going on with my friends and chat here and there, the main purpose of Facebook is to serve up advertisements, and one day, one of the ads that got served up to me was one for The Animal Rescue Site.

In addition to selling stuff for animals (flea and tick control, cat toys, dog toys, and everything else your pet could ever want), they also sell women’s clothing, and this hoodie that was offered for sale was something I found myself unable to resist:

My best hoodie ever, crochetbug, black dogs, red hoodie
My best hoodie ever

The only thing about hoodies is that while I love wearing them, I hate wearing them with the hood up, so I decided to assemble all of the yarns I have that coordinate with my new best hoodie ever:

My best hoodie ever with coordinating yarns for a stash buster crochet hat, crochetbug, crochet beanie, crochet cap, crochet toboggan
My best hoodie ever with coordinating yarns for a stash buster crochet hat

and to then get started on making a hat using (appropriately enough) the stash-busters hat pattern developed by Jenna Wingate of “A Dog In A Sweater” fame, and here is how far I had gotten shortly before the sun set on my Thursday:

The start of new stash busters crochet hat, crochetbug, use what you have, rojo, red, crochet beanie, waste not want not
The start of new stash busters crochet hat

I love my new hoodie, and I can hardly wait to finish the coordinating stash-busters hat.