I finish some ribbons and resume work on the cookie-dough-ku

With the date for the spaghetti dinner for my friend Becky’s husband, Donn, just one month and one day away, the first crochet thing I did was make some ribbons — five to be precise.

Then, after I had made the requisite daily five ribbons, I wove in the ends of some of the crochet ribbons that had accumulated since Friday

Here is a photo of all the completed ribbons:

Some ribbons I crocheted for Donn and Becky
Some ribbons I crocheted for Donn and Becky

I did not bother to get one of the messy pile of ribbons in need of the ends being woven in; I decided to only photograph “camera ready” ribbons.

With the day’s ribbon quota met, I then turned to the project that is the current focus of my attention whenever I can allow it to be — the cookie-dough-ku;

I very much want to get this project finished.

I know that when I pack it up and send it to my oldest son and his girlfriend, they will open it and realize that they really needed this project. It will, I am certain, become a favored, if not favorite, object in their home.

But be that as it may, I am going to need to get this project finished in order for them to be able to experience this epiphany.

Over this past weekend (when I was not working on yellow ribbons), I made some progress on the cookie-dough-ku. Here is how it looked at sunset yesterday:

crochet cookie crochet sudoku
Cookie-dough-ku as of March 10, 2013

Today, I continued my quest to complete the cookie-dough-ku and got this far before sunset:

crochet cookie sudoku
Cookie-dough-ku as of March 11, 2013

After devoting the previous two months to finishing some of the myriad projects that are/were in medias res, I am getting some sense of how I have ended up with so many partially completed projects, but I also know that sometimes (as with the crochet ribbons) you only have a very small window of time in which to work, and adding a bit of crochet madness to the month of March isn’t necessarily a bad thing.