Monsooner or later

While the North American Monsoon Season (NAMS for short) officially runs from June 15 to September 30, August is, on average, the rainiest month in Albuquerque. One of my neighbors, a gifted chalk artist, marked the start of the rainiest of months with this “Monsooner or Later,” chalk drawing:

A chalk drawing reading "monsooner or later" announcing the start of monsoon season

So it is against the backdrop of the occasional torrential rain (complete with thunder and lightning) that I have been working on my crochet.

I started by continuing my efforts to complete the feet for the crochet skeleton I am working on. It went so well, I got to the point that it was time to insert wire to serve as an armature:

A crochet foot for a skeleton

Pleased that I had reached this milestone, I got out the wire I had purchased, but soon found the 14 gauge galvanized wire called for was not very forgiving.

Stymied, but undeterred, I reached out to a friend who just happens to be a sculptor. Fifteen minutes later she sent me three videos on how to make armatures and a link to an Etsy shop where I could purchase a wire that would be easier to work with.

I watched the videos, ordered my wire, then wondered what I should do until the wire arrived.

Lucky for me, I not only purchased Mr. Yarn Bones, I also purchased, Mr. Bone Headz, a smaller skeleton inspired piece with several interchangeable heads, including one of a mummy.

Aimee Borst, the designer behind Manic Yarn, has a particular talent for writing patterns that match the way I think about crochet, and so in what felt like no time, I had the mummy head almost completed:

The start of a crochet mummy head

By the time I reached this point, dark gray clouds had gathered in the east and the north, an as much as I wanted to figure out an alternative or the eyes suggested for the pattern, I knew that I needed to walk my dog before the deluge arrived.

Monsooner or later, no doubt, the wire will arrive, and I will be able to continue my journey of crocheting a skeleton, but until then I will move forward, one crochet monster head at a time.