A crochet hodge podge

I began the weekend with the best of intentions–I was going to “stay focused” and get my third crochet coin purse done, design one more, and get the pattern completed, but then crochet reality intruded and instead of a weekend of crochet tightly focused on one particular project, it instead blossomed into a hodge podge of crochet goodness.

Because I was starting the best of intentions, I did finish work on the peppermint swirl inspired coin purse:

One piece of the crochet hodge podge--a peppermint swirl inspired coin purse
A peppermint swirl crochet coin purse

but once that coin purse was done, it seemed, I too was done with crochet coin purses–at least for this particular weekend, and I found myself drawn to a more immediate problem: the need for a crochet ear saver.

It’s is almost two years now since I began my move from the Raleigh-Durham are of North Carolina to Albuquerque, New Mexico, but the move itself was done in parts, and the unpacking has been done in parts as well, and it turns out I am not yet to the part where I unpack my buttons.

Currently, New Mexico, like many states hoping to avert more deaths due to COVID-19, requires that face masks be worn in public, and while I am more than happy to comply, my ears have been less enthusiastic about the prospect, and it was my pursuit of an ear saver that lead me to the second item in this weekend’s crochet hodge podge.

I have long been a fan of hyperbolic crochet, and it was while I was trying to fall asleep, that I came up with an idea I thought just might work.

With the 3.25 mm hook I had been using to crochet amigurumi, and a skein of worsted weight sapphire blue yarn, I got to work. Ninety minutes and four ends later, I had my first hyperbolic crochet ear saver done:

One piece of the crochet hodge podge--a hyperbolic crochet ear saver to use with a face mask
A completed hyperbolic crochet ear saver

The question remained, however, would it work?

A hyperbolic crochet ear saver shown with a face mask
The hyperbolic crochet ear saver in use

The answer was a resounding “sort of.”

The length I had crochet between the two hyperbolic planes was too long for me, but it was perfect for my husband.

And since I had what I know think of as my “amigurumi crochet hook” handy, I got to work on yet another Hello Kitty Crochet amigurumi character:

A future tap dancing crochet duck named Pekkle

Tomorrow, I will make another hyperbolic crochet ear saver to better fit my head, and I will move forward on what seems to me to be a rather charming crochet duck, one stitch at a time.